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Eat At One Of These Places In Long Beach California

With over 1,000 restaurants, Long Beach certainly has some great places to eat. It is a city that caters to tourists, and it is one of the more popular cities in California. If you have not yet been to Long Beach, you need to go. At one point, I even thought about moving there. It’s a great city, and you will enjoy spending some time there and eating at these fine establishments.

This first restaurant is actually a brewing company, too. Belmont Brewing Company is located at 39th Place, and it is known for fish and chips, burgers, salads and more. Naturally, you are going to have the chance to enjoy some local brews there, too. Plus, you will be able to enjoy beachfront dining, which is something that many places in Long Beach are known for.

Naples Rib Company is another popular establishment, and it can be found on East 2nd Street. You are talking about ribs, prime rib, salads and so much more. A couple more things your might want to know is that this place has a Happy Hour, and reviews mention that large portions await you. That sounds really good when your plan is to eat ribs.

Attic is another top Long Beach restaurant. It is located on East Broadway, and you are talking about jambalaya, fried pickles and so much more. Now that’s not just your average fare, right? One reviewer talks about this establishment being an old house. Don’t you just love places like that? I do.

Another popular restaurant in Long Beach is called Islands, located on South Pine Avenue. One of the menu highlights for Islands is fish tacos. Do you like fish tacos? I have tried them once, and I really liked them. Islands also is known for its burgers and for being a great spot for lunch. While I like fish tacos, I think I would rather see what the burgers at this establishment are like.

The Reef Restaurant looks like a very tropical place with oceanfront outdoor dining. Located on South Harbor Scenic Drive, this restaurant serves up prime rib, salmon, other seafood dishes and so much more. Brunch, happy hour and a great view await you. To me, this seems like it might be the best restaurant out of the bunch. What do you think? Either way, you will have fun at any one of these restaurants in Long Beach CA.