Education Opportunities in Topeka, Kansas

Are you considering a move to Topeka? Or maybe you haven’t decided yet where you would like to move to, and are considering all of your options. Most people don’t think of Kansas when they look for college education opportunities, but the options available in Topeka should not be overlooked.

There are five different universities and colleges in Topeka. The most well-known of these is Washburn University, which serves over 7,500 students on its 160 acre campus. The degrees available there range from basic certifications to typical bachelor’s degrees to doctorates of nursing practice. In addition to academics, Washburn University boasts a NCAA Division II athletics department.

Washburn University has a closely affiliated vocational school called Washburn Institute of Technology. Washburn Tech teaches students the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of technological and industrial careers. Student life at the different Washburn institutions is closely linked, so those who choose to attend the technical institute don’t have to miss out on the traditional college experience offered by Washburn University.

Another highly ranked school in Topeka is Baker University. Opening its door in 1858, it was the first university founded in Kansas. Baker University states that its students are successful at landing jobs and getting graduate school placements because of Baker U’s small class sizes and rigorous course work expectations. US News & World Report ranked Baker University the #1 private college in Kansas in 2015.

For nontraditional students who need to balance work, family, and school requirements, there is Friends University. In addition to online instruction, Friends University even offers remote classes taught on-site to businesses who can gather 10 or more students to take the course. Friends University offers a limited selection of bachelor’s and Master’s degrees selected for their chance to increase their students’ career potential.

For those looking for career-focused opportunity, don’t overlook Rasmussen College and Bryan University. These organizations have locations in many cities across the country; those living in Topeka are lucky enough to be among those with access. These schools track their students for career success, but produce less rounded graduates than liberal arts schools.

Don’t believe for a minute that moving to Topeka, Kansas, means that you have to give up on your educational goals. There are education options in the city ranging from private liberal arts universities to career institutes, including the best-ranked university in the state.