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Looking for the Cheapest 2 Bedroom Apartments Wichita KS Has

I’ve never anywhere except my parents’ house, but I think I’m finally ready to move out on my own. I have a decent full-time job, a car, and a somewhat serious girlfriend. It’s time for me to make my own way in the world.

Of course, just having a job doesn’t mean that I have a lot of money. Even living with my parents I had bills to pay – groceries, cell phone, car insurance, and car payments. That’s only going to go up once I move out and have to start paying rent, electricity, water, and so on. Plus I want to make sure I can put some money away in a savings account, in case of emergencies. The last thing I need is for my car to break down and not be able to fix it.

That’s why I am trying to find out which neighborhoods have the cheapest 2 bedroom apartments. I am looking for a two bedroom because I want to cut down on costs by having a roommate. That way, I only have to pay half the rent and utilities. There are always issues with living with a roommate, but it has to be better than living with Mom and Dad.

The lowest-priced 2 bedroom apartments Wichita KS has to offer will likely not be the nicest ones, but I’m not worried about that. I want a place that’s bug-free and where the ceiling doesn’t leak. Beyond that, it’s all gravy. If the neighbors are bad, well, that’s why doors have locks and windows have shades.

My parents weren’t too thrilled to find out that I was looking in the cheapest neighborhoods for my next place to live, and that I’m trying to find a roommate. They’re worried about me staying safe. I think they’re also concerned that a roommate might not help me keep a place cleaned up and then I’ll be living in squalor. My Mom is big on keeping a clean house.

I’m not looking for the best 2 bedroom apartments Wichita KS rents. I just want someplace that I can afford so I can hurry up and move out. I’m tired of having to ask for permission before I can go on a date with my girlfriend or go out for a movie with my buddies. I’m ready to move on with my life as an adult, and that means having my own place.